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IELTS Writing

IELTS writing test:

Well, many of the students face difficulty when they have to write any essay on the given topic. In IELTS there will be two types of writing tasks. Students will be given a diagram or a graph or a pie chart. They will have to develop an essay on the given information. Writing task two will be pertaining to more generalized topics. Two topics are given here which will give you an idea what these topics will be like in your real IELTS exam test.


Sample Topic 1: Many people are of the view that husbands should not cook where as some people do not agree – please give your views.

Sample Topic 2: Children learn what they see at home, so what can be done to make children learn good manners, give your views.

For the first writing task you will have to write 150 words, for the second writing task you will have to write 250 words.

Remember this that writing is something that which is often learned. It is an art and you will have to, master by practicing. If you take any topic and try to write an essay of 150 to 250 words daily then you will have the chance to gain some improvement in your writing. A writer is known by the style of his / her writing. The words chosen should be good enough.

* There should be no grammatical errors

*  There should be no typos

* Every sentence should be inter connected

* There should be coherence in your essay

* When you write then try to break information into different points.

* Use bullet points (properly pre structure your essay).

* Let these points suggest the framework of your essay.

* Organizing thoughts or anchoring each and every piece of information you would like to include in your essay is just indispensable.

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What is the aim of the IELTS exam?

Qualified candidates will have a certification that their English language is good.

It will prove that you are able to speak and understand English language.

How to register for IELTS exam?

Look for the authorized centers in your area. You can make use of the Internet to find out whether there are any authorized centers in your city. Contact your local British council office. You can get more details on their website: BritishCouncil.org

What IELTS Test comprises?

This test has four modules (Four important language skills)

  • IELTS Listening Test
  • IELTS Reading Test
  • IELTS Writing Test
  • IELTS Speaking Test
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IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking Test:

Now, when it comes to speaking, then even talented speakers hesitate to present themselves well in front of the IELTS panel. Yes, you have read that right. Even those whose spoken English is good feel a bit of hesitation or inhibition  or feel the presence of some sort of hindrance on their way and just fail to present well in the manner the IELTS interviewers may want the applicants to. So, practice well enough and be prepared in advance how to give intro about yourself etc.

IELTS practice is mandatory:

It is mandatory to gain good band score in all the modules: IELTS writing / IELTS reading / IELTS listening / IELTS speaking First focus more on dummy IELTS practice tests and see where you stand. After assessment of your own language level you can take necessary steps to bring in more and more improvement in you.

If you any time require any IELTS help then feel free to contact me – your IELTS trainer. I can let you know more of the IELTS preparation courses, just be in touch and wait for the next post.

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Preparation for IELTS listening test

To get passed through this test you need to have good listening skills. Your ears should be sharper to grasp every word of the speaker. There will be four sections. Out of four sections, you may have 2 or 3 sections based on conversations and one would be a monologue. Sometimes, you may get two conversations and two monologues. You need to listen to the audio and give proper answer to questions, all listening sections may contain. To get through this test it is prerequisite that you should do IELTS listening practice

  •     Listen to BBC, Radio, Listen to CNN, Listen to any English country radio
  •     Watch English movies in order to get the grasp on English pronunciation.
  •     Try to know more about the differences in American accent and Australian accent, British accent and American accent, Canadian accent and Australian accent etc. (If you master different accents then you will not   face any difficulty in this IELTS listening test).
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IELTS Exam Preparation

IETLS Exam preparation – a key to success

Do you know there is no pass or fail in IELTS but you should know that those who do not manage to get a good band score do not stand any chances of getting admission in to the best universities. It is recommended that the students should look for the IELTS coaching when they plan to take IELTS exam. Remember, it may be that your English language is good but still IELTS exam is something very different. There is some analytical approach which is adopted by the exam committee in order to see whether the applicant has sound English language.

When you do not get enough time to study in an IELTS center (IELTS coaching center) then what can be the best way to get trained in IELTS?

Well, this is the question that most of the employees (those who are planning to work abroad or those who are looking for some better opportunities abroad) ask. Such employees can have this golden opportunity to get trained by registering on the top most IELTS websites which provide online IELTS training for the applicants across the globe. Even students who do not get time can have the option to take IELTS online classes. Remember, this that if you as many IELTS practice tests as you can then it will be helpful for you to get a good score in real IELTS exam.


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IELTS Speaking Test

Speaking (IELTS Speaking Test)

There will be 11-14 minutes of time for the candidates. This speaking test is conducted by the IELTS committee. There will be trained examiners and you will have to speak in front of them abut ht the given topic.

There will be three parts:

Part 1: A brief introductory round. Candidates will have to answer questions related to home / family / studies / jobs or their interests etc.

Part 2: Candidates will have to talk about a particular topic given to him / her.

Part 3: There will be a close discussion between the examiner and the candidate related to abstract issues of the given topic in part 2.

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IELTS Writing Test

Writing (IELTS Writing Test)

Writing module is different for Academic IELTS and General Training IELTS

Academic Writing:

There will be two tasks. Candidates will have to spend about 20 minutes on task 1 and write at least 150 words. For the task 2, candidates will have to spend 40 minutes and write at least 250 words

Task 1: Looking at a diagram, a flow chart, or a table, you will have to convert the information in to your own words

Task 2: A topic will be given. You will have to write about that.

General Training Writing:

There will be two tasks. Candidates will have the same time limit as given for the candidates applying for Academic IELTS. The two writing tasks will be simpler compare to.